Music Video Release

::: JUST YOU :::


Tuesday.  Big things will be happening.  The music video for Just You will be public. Stay posted on my social media sites on facebook – and @alarkemusic

Here’s the exclusive link to the video that you can see RIGHT NOW for you select royal people:

It won’t be public until tomorrow, so I ask you to keep it as our little secret and then spread it like wildfire tomorrow!

::: GYPSY JAZZ :::


Tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 20 at 11pm, the Gypsy jazz violinist Pooquette and bassist Eduardo Belo will join me at the Manderley Bar of the McKittrick Hotel, the after-hours hang for Shakespeare’s fallen hero, Macbeth, in the film noir shadow suspense ofSleep No More. 


I’ve been in the studio and on stage a lot this past month.  Sadly, I had to say goodbye to working with Ethan Foote (bass) and Sami Arefin (guitar) for Alarke, since they live in Washington, DC and Baltimore and it was just too hard to travel, rehearse and perform and get a decent show together.  Ethan, Sami, and I still play Gypsy jazz together in DC, though.  Additionally, the famous rapper A$AP Rocky stole my drummer, Alex Dadras (though I’m very happy for him), so Alarke is undergoing a structural change. Hence no shows as of late.  It’s been grinding time in the studio writing new material and being open to inspiration.