NEW MUSIC recording underway + new live videos and shows


It’s been a crazy cool time of year and I’m happy to kick off 2015 doing what I love – getting in the studio to record new music for my original electronic / jazz / pop project Alarke.  I’m excited to share new songs of mine and new collaborations with my friendSLSTCE. The recording process started recording the #1 jazz drummer stunner Kyle Hutchins at Sound Farm Studios in Brooklyn with engineer Evan Cooney at the end of January and continued at my practice studio and at the beautiful, Grammy-winningBias Studios in Virginia with engineer Mike Monseur. I was able to get into Bias Studios because I won the grand prize in the Washington Area Music Association‘s Professional Artist Support System songwriting competition last year. Man, what a gift. I’ll also have the tracks mastered there when they’re all finished. Still need to do production work on them and shoot some videos for them.

Click on the video to catch a quick glimpse of Kyle, Evan, and me recording at Sound Farm:

At Bias:

This glorious studio was custom-designed by Tom Hidley. The acoustics are wonderful and it looks like it’s in a luxury ski lodge. This pic is taken from their website.

The troll of the console.

I realized then how much I LOVE recording. It’s just you and the mic, alone.  Every subtlety is felt in your body and head. It’s a conversation to someone in your imagination on the receiving end of the mic.

The engineer Mike Monseur:


I’m playing a number of these wondercore music (ALARKE!) shows with bassist Clint Greenlee and Kyle Hutchins (for March shows) at:
The Rock Shop – Wednesday, February 25
Botanic Lab – Thursday, 3/12 (this event will be so good that it deserves its own section)
The Factory New: charity event  – Saturday, 3/14
Legion – Wednesday, 4/15


::: + OPEN JAM : 3/12 :::

You have your jazz jams.  You have open mics. We’re throwing a show at Botanic Lab(part of Casa Mezcal) on Thursday, March 12 featuring Alarke + Creature in the Woods and his band Graffiti Royale, voted top 5 in The Deli Magazine NYC’s best Brooklyn electronic acts, followed by an OPEN JAM SESSION.

For the jam, bring your axe, sticks, keys, horn, voice, poems, raps, friends, and good energy. We also have a lyric book for anyone who wants to write words they want the band to sing and perform – sounds like trouble & fun. Sign up is at 11pm. All music will be improvised in a Jazz-R&B-Electronic-Pop-Rock-World Beat style. Entrance to the event is FREE and there are great cocktails crafted by some of New York’s best mixologists. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Check out the Facebook event here.

::: GYPSY JAZZ :::

::: O’CALLAGHAN’S HOTEL 3/22 :::


I love playing the Sunday Gypsy jazz residency at Grey Lady in the Lower East Side,  NYC. We’ve been here for almost two years now. Sundays from 6-9pm. Delicious food & drinks; no cover. Featuring Koran Agan (guitar), Tim Clement (guitar), and Ian Hutchinson (bass).

O’Callaghan’s Hotel in Annapolis, MD will be a first for us on Sunday, March 22 from 8-10:30pm. Gypsy jazz. Tickets are $20. We love our Annapolis shows hosted by Elana Byrd. Phillips Wisor (guitar) and Ethan Foote (bass) hold down the fort.

Other dates – Pera in NYC on Friday, March 6 from 6-9:30pm with Daryus Scheider (guitar) and Ali Levy (bass), Bistrot Lepic on Wednesday, March 11 from 7-10pm with Craig Bumgarner (guitar) and Ethan Foote (bass), and Sweet Afton in Astoria, NYC onMonday, April 6 from 9-11pm with Pooquette (violin) and Darius Scheider.



Eight new live videos are up on YouTube <<<— click there – from a fall show at Terra Blues, a NYC institution of a venue. They mainly do blues, but we wiggled our way in through the door and took the stage. I’m so proud of this show with the fantasticPooquette (violin), Darius Scheider (guitar), and Jay Sanford (bass). Plus, I had just found this vintage Karl Lagerfeld skirt the night before for an absolute STEAL of a deal at a Brooklyn French vintage shop.


Let’s hang in the digital realm.  The internet is a new frontier in this information revolution. I’m living digitally on Instagram as @alarke_ , Twitter as @alarkemusic , and for Gypsy jazz