SONG – from ‘Paroles’ by Jacques Prevert


What day is it

It’s everyday 

My friend 

It’s all of life

My love

We love each other

And we live

We live and love each other

And do not know what this life is

And do not know what this day is

And do not know what this life is. 

Lose Yourself

Title references Eminem’s rallying piece. A recent rediscovery – failure is not an option.

Lyrical ideas to put into one of my own pieces:

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek (taken from a Bob Proctor video. I forget who said it – gotta find this)

You better catch me while my price is low (taken from a I’m Not You – Niyi Sobo podcast. A rapper penned this)

I was hoping in the beginning

Living on benefits, the backs of others

Telling myself my work was for the greater good

Hoping things will fall into place

Wanting to press go

***Wanting to reward myself with the things I let go (in the old way)

When I make my plan / vision / destination

Things fall into place

I knew from day one

My life is not the beaten path

Stars in my eyes

Visions of grandeur