Friday Stu Sesh

Studio session. Friday morning. So many ideas and goals. Gypsy jazz gig tonight with Tim at Le Fanfare. Alarke show on Monday at Pianos. 10am meeting tomorrow (Saturday) with Kirk (my mentor / president of Avatar Studios). I need to ask him for help in creating a schedule that I can actually do this coming week. I know this, but I need to understand through experience that baby steps are necessary and that I cannot get too ambitious within a short period of time. I need to strategizeeeeee.

Pianos show prep – can I use Touchable to see the Ableton set so I don’t have to use the computer? At the same time, I could use the iPad to document the performance. BUT – the most important thing is to have a good live show. Why use the iPad to document the show when I could use it to make an ever btter show to document?

Saturday run-through for Gisela – set up table top on the music stand. Check tonight to make sure I have the base of the stand. Time the set. Videotape it. Look into stand carrying cases online. Gig bags for all gear!

– tabletop for gear
– tape controllers to read what instrument their knobs correspond to
– stems for Just Get Here
– getting the NanoKontrol to sync with Ableton – it was syncing before and now it is not
– guitar for Just You, Morning
– play guitar at the Gypsy jazz gig tonight at Le Fanfare to get warmed up. Play with dynamics.
– need more dedicated practice time!!!!
– guitar on Just You – audio is not coming through. Why? Do I need this or will I play guitar? Need to get a guitar stand.
– Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – TC Helicon harmony volume. Using this instrument is a strength. USE IT WELL!! Singing – my strength, over Ableton.
– normalize volume of all tracks. Reverse is louder than others.
– bass for Pulses