Monday morning session

Prepping for a new solo setup at Pianos next week on 3/13 (and onwards). I’ve got the new equipment – Nanokontrol 2 setup with a Novation Launchkey Mini. The goal is to have equipment that I can carry in a backpack because I want to tour the world with gear that’s as easy as possible to travel with. This means eliminating the guitar from the live set (or at least figure out a way to borrow one in said location). I’m translating the songs to keys and electronics (my dream – the WHY I go through the time-consuming setup).

Songs to focus on:
Pulses – build the bass and synth lines live.

Grace – how can I translate this to a Launchkey mini? It’s only 25 keys and I play it on a full-sized piano usually.

Reverse – the entire song’s volume is higher than other tracks.
Normalize the volume amongst all tracks.

Pulses – put a filter delay on the recorded synth. Play with rewind and fast-forward buttons in the intro and outro for cool fx. This may be currently stronger than playing and building the set live on the spot so soon. This guarantees the music will be in-time (nervousness could wreck that). Plus, the wet, spacious sound from the synth and its filter delay sound so good and why try to recreate it? Use what ya got and move on.
New bass line idea – bass from Drake & Sampha’s The Motion.

******Set a common transition time between clips and between songs. This makes sure everything is in time – CRUCIAL. ********

I need to ask Evo (music director for this live set with Ableton Live and new gear) how to most effectively group the tracks to 8 channels in Live (since that’s the max on the Nanokontrol).

Feeling good for deep work this am. Midi-mapped fx to channels/knobs on the NanoKontrol & Launchkey Mini. Experimented with bass parts for Pulses. Inspired by Drake & Sampha’s The Motion. Also use this song as inspo for my new song, Lovage.

Finishing up the session with Lauryn Hill & Can’t Take. Such a good song. Vocal agility warm up.