New solo setup – initial spaceship session notes

Start with a get the timing right to record
Map midi for macro beat count-in on channel 8
Drums and bass will be sampled with fx rack capable to be triggered
Synth recorded & looped live with fx triggered
Perform intro on keys
Bass – chorus
Figure out how to keep the recorded loop playing without being launched again
Map Pulses bass in C to use in midi keyboar
Tweak Pulses synth arpeggiator
Script for Ableton and NanoKontrol

Download Splice

Choose an instrument for the synth – text Evo & map to certain fx

NanoKontrol – better to use Bluetooth? Less cables around. Low latency and battery usage.
NanoKontrol – remap with a redo and undo button.

Performing with the launchkey mini:
Create backing sounds and fills to trigger