Saturday Run-Through

I did a run-through of the live set for my roommates. It was helpful to have a concert from start to finish with a live audience and feedback:

More relaxed, authentic, less artificial. Had fun. Take the mic out of the stand.

Pick three songs to show my story – Mignon, Pulses, Reverse. Personal experience to let the audience connect.

Use the microphone as a dance partner.

Quicker transitions between songs.

Just You – add later in the set to group guitar with the other songs.

Make the beat ready, then introduce the name of the song, then start singing.

Normalize the instrument levels for all of the songs.

Add more fx with the voice – use options on the TC Helicon. More reverb.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – make sure all bass parts are in tune (not transposed – was there a global setting from Pulses that applied to the entire bass track)? Practice when to come in with the vocals so I sync up with the clip. Should I make a transition between each part of the arrangement?

Mignon – loop and overdub the chorus – sing over it.

Morning – strum with fingers, not pick. More tender to match the vocals and lyrics.

Angel – ending – analyze the best way to end it.

Apollo – people really like this one. Go directly from A to B – don’t bring it back to A to repeat the arrangement. It kills the energy. Check the tuning in the bass in the lowest note of the B section – sounds sharp.

Get stems for Just Get Here – Elkin + Alarke – play in the Alarke set.

Sing into the microphone! Maybe take the microphone out of the stand and carry over to the gear.

Good to step back from the microphone and dance. Move more. Move my body while doing the electronics. Animate the DJ element. Reggie Watts.

All fx – launch bass and drums together.

Drums: reverb

Bass: distortion

Synth: delay & filter sweep

Vox: delay

Stand closer to my table of gear so I don’t have to go far away from the mic.

Stay bouncy in my body and dance with the music even when I’m not singing.

Use more vocal effects on the TC Helicon.

Be more elegant. Being elegant never hurt anyone.