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Alarke Unisex Tee


Xerxes at His Private Underground Garden.

He is often seen in the neighborhood, walking a Siberian husky. Everyone knows him because he throws the best parties, where he serves roasted peaches to his guests on Byzantine-era plates as they admire his collection of pointillist paintings while listening to his favorite songstress, Alarke. His mother, Cassandane, named him after the ancient Persian King of Kings, Xerxes, son of Darius. His namesake re-conquered Egypt, in part, because of its luxurious cotton. But, today, you don't need a cavalry to enjoy the same luxury.

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Product Description

Alarke Shirt (No. 888). Unisex slim fit American Apparel t-shirt in 100% cotton that his namesake launched a cavalry for. Made in the USA.