Where it stands today

I feel really good about the show at Pianos on Monday. It felt present, calm, happy, fun, connected. The new solo set is still in process of being set up, but the foundation is there. Set up now in the stu – Janet Jackson’s ‘Together Again’ has come back as a choice song to setup and strike my gear in the studio recently. And dance. Inspo as of late – Kate Moss pole dancing to an electronic pop track, directed by Sofia Coppola, originally for a music video for the White Stripes. Had to leave the studio since I need the internet for building the Alarke set. There’s no internet at the studio and date tethering is too slow. Hoping for faster internet around the world soon. Ended up working at this beautiful coffee shop, Devocion, in Williamsburg.

Today’s work (prioritized for GOALS)
1) update Ableton set with my new Live 9 and add normalized clips of stems, Just Get Here and Apollo (both from the previous set):

2) warm up for tonight’s Gypsy jazz gig at Le Fanfare
2) schedule future sessions with myself for next week where I’ll review the show at Pianos, review this month’s previous posts, and assess where the new solo set stands in the process.
3) get DJ fx setup – Muted1 Pure
4) NanoKontrol programming for Ableton
5) Launchkey Mini – investigate broken key that transmits midi without being pressed
6) get synth sounds – downloaded synth banks from Ableton’s license page + digital percussion soundbanks + instrument soundbanks

Evo’s session with DJ fx rack and instrument channels. I cannot get sound to play in his tracks. Test normalized tracks – are they the same volume as each other? If so, pull these into my set. Freeze and flatten both mine and Evo’s sessions. Authorize. Add Evo’s files to mine.


1) Authorizing Ableton:
Freeze & flatten tracks with analog or suite components.
Right click Freeze > Right-click Flatten

Preferences > License Maintanance > authorize on ableton.com

It will allow me to save the set.

2) Lives Places – add project folder to Places